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Crestwood Farms has been serving L.I. for over 50 years. We consistently provide both dairy and non-dairy products that are of the freshest & highest quality possible.

We deliver the freshness and quality right to your home - not to a warehouse or supermarket. Try our home delivery and compare the advantages:

Taste - Our milk in glass bottles simply tastes better and the bottles are environmentally friendly too!

Convenience - Crestwood Farms delivers right to your door, in all kinds of weather, saving you valuable time. And if you need extra products, just call the day before.

Economy - Compare the time and money saved. Fewer trips to the store means less gas and less impulse buying.

Variety - We are more than just milk. Over 50 products are available, and all of our products are of the highest quality. We are always adding new items too!

Remember, at Crestwood Farms the tradition lives on.

For more information about home delivery in your area call us at 1-888-DRINK MILK or EMAIL US.

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